Another Abandoned Baby

Eight o’ clock in the morning and it is time to examine the little children before the nurses come around to feed them. I open the shabby cot of the first little child and start to examine him.

Try to examine him.

BABY: Waaaaaaaaah!

ME: What’s the matter Baby? Just let me finish listening and then you can have your porridge.


ME: Okay *picks up baby*

I sit down on a chair – not the romantic rocking chair, but a chair. Baby snuggles into my chest. Every time I try to put him down, he wakes up and screams some more.

So eventually I improvise and examine him on my own lap. It takes much longer, but it gets done.

The Paediatricians seem to understand, and they do not reprimand me.

The truth is… babies who are not loved, rarely get better.


4 thoughts on “Another Abandoned Baby

  1. I’m glad to know that there is trainees who really care. I work in Newborn medicine and I enjoy watching the trainees do what they love to do.

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