Hands, Fingers, Knees and Toes…

How often do you use the tip of your right ring finger? No idea? A lot, it turns out. Just typing this is causing a considerable amount of pain.

On Thursday, ten minutes before my OSCE, I slammed my finger in a glass sliding door. It took me about ten metres on the way to hospital to realise that the pain was accompanied by a considerable amount of bleeding.

And a peculiar kind of Raynaud’s phenomenon – I’m telling you, the affected finger really did go all the colours of the American (or French, or English) flag. Right now it is a peculiar shade of purple.

I’m a bit of a klutz. In second year, I almost lost my thumb to an accident with a hot porcelain bowl (pictured here – don’t ask).

Just a while ago, Mom asked me if I’d be insuring my hands when I’ve graduated. Little Sister commented that then I might as well insure my ass. Uhm, thanks Little Sister.

It all seems kind of serious when you start talking about insuring body parts, isn’t it? I don’t even know the protocol for things like that. Don’t you need to be… GOOD?

Whenever I have lunch with The Boy’s family (who are practically all in the medical profession), they start gushing about how wonderful someone’s hands are. I still find that strange. A couple of months ago a retired doctor shouted at me for chopping veggies “the wrong way”. Apparently I was in danger of chopping a finger instead.

I don’t think I injured my hands nearly as much before they became my (future) livelihood.

As for my injury? It’s taking it’s sweet time to heal, and the fingertip is a little numbed, but despite my initial melodramatic response, all will be well.

8 thoughts on “Hands, Fingers, Knees and Toes…

  1. You are not alone. I am an accident waiting to happen. I sprained my right wrist the week before one of my second year OSCEs and was incapable of percussing properly or palpating deeply with that hand. Also, I recently chopped a good chunk of the end of my thumb with a knife… Cutting veggies. My mother yells at me for chopping wrong all the time. Why I am not in surgery. Hope your finger heals quickly!

    1. Hah! This is why I love blogging – shows me that I’m not alone! Recently I stick to washing dishes and let the more ambitious cooks chop veggies. Finger is healing well, although I think the tip is going to come off eventually. But whatever, at least whatever remains will be able to feel. And I have a four week theory rotation so I won’t be exposed in any way.

  2. Who knew porcelain could be so dangerous?
    Glad to have found you on the Medical Monday’s Blog Hop! Look forward to reading more of your posts. I love to travel so those will intrigue me for sure:)

  3. If a doctor needed to insure a body part, which would it be? The neurologist would say his brain, the surgeon will say his hands, the physician might say his mouth (uhm I didn’t mean that)… Nice blog you have here. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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