Raining on your Parade: Little Pinkfoot

I must come across as a real annoying know-it-all. I’m not, sorta.

But I do get annoyed with online hoaxes. I don’t really care how cute they are.

I don’t have a problem with Photoshop, but trying to sell a Photoshopped image as real constitutes lying in my book. So there.

The picture alongside has had all the mommies and wannabe mommies going gaga on Pinterest. It’s cute though right? It even makes my uterus feel tingly.

But it’s not real. And here’s why:

  1. Between baby and mommy is some nice thick uterine muscle – you know, the part that expels baby into the outside world.
  2. In order to imprint so nicely on Mom’s tummy, baby would need a considerable amount of force – scarcely something a couple of long bones that aren’t ossified can do.
  3. Newborn babies have not been walking, and thus there feet aren’t defined the way our feet are – they’re cute and puffy. In other words, they don’t look like the tiny foot in this picture.

And then there are some other technical points too, such as the likelihood of catching the foot at that moment, and the quality of shadows on the contours of the foot. But I know close to nothing about those things.

Anycase, I still think it’s an adorable picture. But it’s not real.


  1. In fairness to the person who posted the picture, I did care for a woman who was on her 13th or 14th pregnancy once, and her uterus was so hypotonic that you could see the outline of the baby’s limbs through her abdominal wall. It was kinda cool….and also terrifying when it came time to deliver, as all I could think of was uterine rupture and precipitous labour and post-partum hemorrhaging. (Thankfully mom and baby did wonderfully.)

    1. Whoa – FOURTEEN pregnancies?! That’s impressive. And scary for the doctor helping her I’m sure. Imagine being able to see the baby’s outline… that sounds so intense. Thanks for sharing it though – now I know.

  2. Chris Carter says:

    Interesting!!! I love reading about things I don’t know enough about!! Thanks for keeping us informed as I would’ve been like, “OH MY GOSH!! LOOK at that little fetal footsie!!!” Always want the truth. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Of course, as SolitaryDiner pointed out, there is the odd case where one can actually see the child’s limbs… but generally not 🙂

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