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It’s that time of the year… I refer to it as the month our campus has its period. Elections and competitions abound, while exams are around the corner (Southern hemisphere, remember).

My favourite part of this month – perhaps my favourite of the entire year – is “Sêr”. Sêr comes from “serenade”, and is basically a singing competition. Residences compete for ultimate glory. I am not a culture-vulture, and I know precariously little of song and dance. But Sêr makes me so, so happy. (If you still don’t get it: it’s like Glee, only without all the lights and electronic music. Instruments are limited to those an artist can carry onto the stage).

Here are my favourites for this year. I’m a little biased: They’re both from the medical campus.

I’ve been trying to express why Sêr makes my heart all fuzzy. I don’t know if it’s just the music, entirely. I think it’s the unity it gives our campus. Our campus can be pretty disjointed at times. People can be pretty back-stabby in class and in hospital. And there’s still a lot of work to do to make this a friendly and comfortable campus for students of all races, sexualities and creeds.

But when they sing… they sing! And they make beautiful music, these different people of different tastes and different walks of life. And while it’s only a handful of students who sing, the entire campus comes together to support our singers. And that, I love. That moment when students realise that they can be more than just a medical/health sciences student. I love it.

Oh, so your tip: be involved. Resident culture is ah-may-zing.


  1. This is really beautiful, and it s sure does beat Glee!!

    1. Thank you! Glee has its own appeal, but this tickles my heart more.

  2. tight shoes says:

    So I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos (my household hasn’t yet switched over to uncapped bandwidth and we’re on the brink of reaching our limit.) Nevertheless, your post made my heart swell.

    My high-school also had a “signing competition” as we called it. Each class had to pick and sing 2 songs that were distinct from each other and then the whole class had to perform the two songs. Going to a multiracial and multicultural school meant that there were always a) some interesting song & dances to learn and b) a lot of fun to be had in the process. Your post brought back those memories so thanks for sharing.

    P.S. It’s my first time commenting here, but I found your blog via Solitary Diner who I found via Old MD Girl. I’m also in the process of hopefully becoming an older medical student.

    1. I’m so glad you could reminisce over fond memories – I hope that when you’re able to view the videos, you will enjoy it.
      Great to meet you here, thanks for the visit. Best of luck with your journey to med school 🙂

  3. Adam Tucker says:

    I’m impressed! Even as someone who can’t sing to save his life! Good luck to you this semester!

    1. Thanks, Adam! My two favourites won – one of them being the second video (with the red overalls)!

  4. I was absolutely MINDBLOWN during our Serenade this year. My res was pretty amazing, no jokes B) (human Viking ship? Hellz yeah!) but they came second to this powerful, powerful performance by the ladies from med campus – they sang Circle of Life as though they were the original soundtrack performers. And a million other things that killed the listeners in such a beautiful way.
    But the performance that took the cake was by one of the mens’ day houses – they SANG the soundtrack of the Pirates of the Caribbean, along with “Sail Away” and other navy-oriented songs. IT WAS EPICBEYONDWORDS. They don’t have a YouTube video up, sadly 😦 but I am in total agreement with you with regards to the happy-making qualities of Serenade 😀 the warm fuzzy feeling stayed for almost a month…

    1. Same here! The medical residences seem to be doing something right… the national winners were both from my campus 😀 (I so totally called it), but I understand the competition was tough. I’m still on a bit of a high when I think about them. Big girly crushes FTW!

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