Another Book Haul, yay

So, it seems that once you start buying/receiving books you can’t stop – it’s freaking amazing!

I’ve had to starve myself of decent food to maintain my book habit (that’s bad right?), but I’m still my pudgy self 😉

The links below will take you to my review of the book, or the GoodReads synopsis. In the case of free books, the link takes you to that specific page.

Books for review from NetGalley:

Legitimately Free eBooks: These aren’t pirated… They’re free cos they’re old (mostly)!

Books for Review from Novel Publicity:

  • Praise of Motherhood by Phil Jourdan (I made fan art :D)
  • The Day of First Sun by Sheryl Steines
  • She Wulf by Sheryl Steines

Books I won, guys!

Second-hand bargains:

  • The Second Woman by Kenneth Cameron – a slightly sun-damaged copy bought from my library at 90% discount
  • Room by Emma Donoghue – a water-damaged copy from my local library at 5% the original price
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – a gently-read copy from my local library at 80% discount
  • The Widow’s Tale by Mick Jackson – a brand new copy the library decided to sell. No idea why, but I’m not complaining.

Brand new books at great prices (these were all bought at Exclusive Books’ massive Winter Sale)

So sometimes I feel sorry for myself, but I don’t do that anymore… these bouts of receiving wonderful books will keep me satisfied for many a dry month ahead.


  1. Oh my goodness- that is so bizarre that we got the same boxset the same week! It’s not even as if it’s a mega popular book that everyone’s getting….weeird! We must have some sort of psychic connection (as a doctor you should know all about things like that :-P) I absolutely adore the Great Loves and now I have seen your children’s boxset I feel as though I MUST HAVE IT- cloth bound is so lovely and I love the bright colours. I really want the ‘English Journeys’ Penguin boxset, and have you seen the Charles Dickens? LOVE:,,9780141198415,00.html

  2. Congratulations on winning “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend”–that’s one I saw reviewed recently that I want to read! That box set is beautiful, too.

  3. I think you’ve actually brought more books than me! Room is supposed to be very good, it’s on my to-read pile right now. Plus checking out your review of American Chick in Saudi Arabia, that sounds interesting!

    1. Room is excellent – I read it in a single sitting! Some people don’t like it because of being told from the child’s point of view, but I found that it made the book all the more unique.

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