Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

I’m joining up with Post-a-Day’s weekly writing challenge this week and writing about “a few of my favourite things.”

Moving 1000km for university was hard. Years I later I learned the term ADJUSTMENT DISORDER and knew, that was what I had. Luggage restrictions restricted what I could carry from home to my new room. Mostly necessities. A few photos. My Grade 12 yearbook. And three teddies.

Granny’s teddy – my teddy bears don’t get names, that is a habit I left behind in kindergarten (mostly because I forget the names). The day before my departure, the family went to a nearby nursery for tea and goodbyes. We saw this adorable handcrafted bear that gran and I fell instantly in love with. My university gift from granny, and I love her. The personalised tag actually declares that her name is Olivia. Look, she even has a little shawl!

Youngest Aunt’s teddy – Mom’s youngest sister is the aunt who is more like a sister. She made this bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop when she lived in Connecticut and gave it to me as part of a campus-survival kit. I adore it.

CM’s bear – the biggest in my collection, and perhaps the most controversial, it was given to me as a Christmas gift when I was 15 by my then-best friend who would later become a boyfriend of two years. We outgrew each other (and argued incessantly). I do not miss him, but I can’t let go of the bear. It’s been part of my life for seven years, after all!

I have since acquired more bears. I can’t help it.

Canada Moose – I bought Moose on my very first trip abroad to Montreal, Canada for iRYLA. It was impossibly scary to travel all alone on my first venture abroad. Hiding in my backpack, Moose kept me company.

NYC Dog – I made him at New York City’s Build-a-Bear Workshop – it was one of my musts on the list. I think I named him SoHo. Isn’t he the cutest?

The Boy’s Bear – this tiny teddy accompanied roses and chocolates for The Boy’s first Valentine’s gift to me. I found it sweet since he doesn’t really understand my affection for inanimate stuffed animals, but he does see that it makes me happy.

China Dragon – this stuffed dragon was purchased in Hunan last year. She is handmade and I can’t remember her name. It means Jasmine Blossom, which so happens to be my Chinese name. Which I can’t remember since I only have it written in Chinese script. Oops…

Scrubs Teddy – I saw this teddy at Build-a-Bear Workshop way back on the evening of my first emergency encounter. I finally built it as a present to myself on my birthday this year. He sits on my desk and cheers me on while I study.

Frog – Frog is a Mush-Millow. Basically, a pillow and a plushie. He is my favourite colour, and reminds me of my family because they got him for me (despite it being for babies).


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