Studying Skeleton

Ah, we love our bag o’ bones in medical school, don’t we?

I’ve shared some skeletal creativity here and here, and today I share another picture.

Anyway, this will be me for the next while as my end-of-year exams are about to start full-swing (I had my Internal Medicine OSCE on Friday, and it went well). I’m nervous beyond words. Forensic Pathology is my worst mark, so I am trying to pay it a lot of attention; but that’s rather difficult as it literally gives me nightmares. And the other subjects (notably Anaesthetics and Infectious Diseases) need attention too.

Guys, I need to pass these exams, and preferably pass them well. After that will be SUMMER and then FIFTH YEAR.

So if I’m scarce… you know why.

6 thoughts on “Studying Skeleton

  1. The best of luck to one of my favorite blog writers! I am sure you are going to do well – and I am looking forward to your posts once you have passed your exams! Kristina

  2. I have to say that I think I have read about half of those. I did enjoy them but I think that since they were mandatory reading in my mind I forget that they are just as important not to be forgotten as the ones that I searched out myself. Thanks for the reminder. :o) I hope you had a great Tuesday.

    1. oops. Sorry I put it in the wrong comments area. I hate it when I click on the wrong thing. Sorry.

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