Forensics Study Break: Mellanby Effect

How is it that I perform better at Anaesthetics and Infectious Diseases than at Forensic Pathology? It was a short two-week module and by all accounts my class should have done well., but our average was dismal.

It must be the completely unappetising subject-matter. You’ll remember that I found the practical rotation rather difficult. Studying it requires many, many study breaks. Like this one.

One of my classmates shared this picture (which he made on 9GAG):

The Mellanby Effect explains how an individual appears clinically MORE inebriated while getting drunk than at the same blood alcohol concentration while sobering up. For some reason it was deemed necessary for us to learn this in Forensic Pathology despite the non-breathing nature of the patients in our notes.

Regardless, it’s probably one of the things we remember best.

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