Things I Want: Infectious Plushies

Friday is my final final exam for fourth year. Exams have gone really well so far this year, but after this weekend’s news I guess my focus has been a little off.*

Since I’m studying all sorts of horrid diseases, I figured I’d share something I want to get. Well, I certainly don’t want any of the real live ones, but aren’t these GIANTmicrobe plushies adorable?

But this one is the funniest – can you guess what he is?

*I’ve been encouraged to start a project on GoFundMe, and I probably will, just trying to get through these exams first. I should also hear from some possible sponsors this week, and from SAS Financial Aid Department. I’ll keep you updated!

10 thoughts on “Things I Want: Infectious Plushies

  1. I love these too! The course director for our infectious disease module used to bring these in as teaching props; I own the White Blood Cell and always considered chucking it at her one day when she held up a microbe… too bad I never had the guts.

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