Exams are OVER, and I’m Lucky

Fourth Year exams are over now. The academic year is not quite over yet – I have an elective ahead of me – but still, it’s practically summer. Yay!

Friday’s exam wasn’t great. Which is sad, because the others went okay, and I was hoping for a winning streak. Oh well. We’ll see what happens when the results come out next week.

The image above is from PostSecret: The Medical Edition. It’s awesome and you should check it out. I felt like this last year, and overall this year has been a massive improvement.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t felt like a dunce. I’m still a long way from getting the kind of results that I used to, but I think I’m getting back up, and my brain is starting to work a little better too.

I just recently realised how lucky I was to get into Medicine. I applied to only one school, a day before the closing date (I had a law scholarship waiting for me if I wasn’t successful). And I got placement, while thousands of other kids didn’t. This year the Grade 8s from my final year in high school are matriculating, and so I’ve noticed how some really deserving kids don’t get placement. A few lucky ones are on the waiting list. One or two have been accepted immediately.

But seeing how many deserving kids who worked as hard as me are missing out has motivated me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying, “Medical students should work hard because many out there would give their front teeth for the opportunity.” Because no, they do not want to be urinated on and vomited on and running across the hospital’s dark parking lot at five in the morning. But they do want to be a doctor one day, and I have that opportunity, and I feel like I owe it to every kid out there who had to give up the dream, to work harder.


  1. Loved this post! So glad you are feeling inspired:-)

  2. TrishaDM says:

    This is an awesome post! I can’t agree with you more on so much of it. Including the PostSecret image. Sometimes, in the midst of things, it feels like it was all some sort of strange mistake and that I am totally underqualified and stunned to be in medicine. But like you say, it is an opportunity we should be so grateful for (even when getting puked on and being awake for 30 hours). And the fact that so many people want it is great motivation.
    Hope your exam results turn out for the best!

    1. Thanks for affirming – it’s good to know the feelings are shared!
      Also, I passed my exams 😀 and the results were okay 🙂

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