See Time Fly

I went back to my very first post on this blog today. It was on 14 October 2010 – more than two years ago.

Things were so different then. I was on the verge of completing probably the most difficult year of my medical school career – for various academic and personal reasons. I was about to start my foray into clinical skills, a welcome addition to what had at that point been mostly theoretical studies.

At that time, the entire original clinical group was still together. We were so excited to learn all these new things together. Not long after I started this blog, we had our first experience with out-of-hospital medicine. I still remember the adrenaline rush. Today we are no longer a clinical group, due to what we call The Reaping.

There’s been so many difficult times, and I like to think that to some extent this blog kept me going. It introduced me to lovely medical and non-medical individuals who have been extremely supportive.

I’ve caught babies and I’ve been to the morgue. I’ve hated what I do, and I’ve loved it.

Yesterday we received two bouts of happy news: I passed my fourth year exams with good marks and am now officially a fifth year medical student. That means I am now two-thirds of a doctor. Two thirds, guys!

AND my baby sister (who is apparently not a baby anymore) has been accepted to study Occupational Therapy at my faculty. She is going to be a wonderful and compassionate OT, and I am so excited for her. When I started this blog, she wanted to be a beauty therapist – nothing against a passionate beauty therapist, but how her plans evolved!

To be frank, it’s scary. All of this is happening – pardon the cliché – so fast. But you know what? I think I’m actually having fun.

5 thoughts on “See Time Fly

  1. I’m glad to hear that medicine feels like fun, even if not all the time, at this stage. It’s easy to lose sight of the fun sometimes, but important not to do so.

    Looking forward to reading your blog for two more years, and beyond!

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