Ten Reasons I Love YA

When I discovered the world of book blogging last year, I saw “YA” everywhere. Yaya? Ja? I was confused. Thank goodness for Google. YA = Young Adult. A genre I thought I was too old for. No wonder my reading slowed down – reading adult lit all the time can be so draining.

In the absence of a TTT today (I already posted a similar topic a while ago), I am linking up with Author Beth Revis to “spread the love of YA”. Disclaimer: this post gets me entered into a competition to win nearly fifty (signed) YA books. Fifty, guys! They don’t even have to be signed to make me happy. More about her contest here. Herewith, reasons I love (and am glad I rediscovered) Young Adult books.

1. Excitement – YA has a knack for getting my heart racing. They’re not all adventurous, of course, but those that are, are a lot more exciting than their adult-counterparts.

2. Easy reading – this makes me sound like an imbecile, but it took me more than a month to complete Pride & Prejudice (admittedly I was reading other books at the same time). Sometimes I just don’t have the desire to read a sentence twice to understand its intention. I do enjoy more eloquent (for lack of a better word) literature, but YA is simply enjoyable. Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Laini Taylor) and Tiger Lily (Jodi Lynn Anderson) are proof that YA does not lack colourful vocabulary and style.

3. Issues – YA does not fall short of the serious things. Read Rape Girl, Hate List and 13 Reasons Why.

4. Magic! Technology! – pets can speak, bells can rule the dead, aliens exist…

5. Relateability – I doubt it matters how old we get; we will continue to relate with the young protagonist, because we all remember being that age.

6. Possibility – You can have blue hair, fight zombies, change factions, fall in love with someone completely different to you. YA encourages breaking the mold (generally).

7. It makes me want to do things – but perhaps I’m just gullible. Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner has a great post about book-induced whims here.

8. Community – I feel like YA readers have a sort of community. Maybe it’s readers in general.

9. Kids are reading it – I believe in reading, and I love when kids read. Even if it is a book I don’t like.

10. It makes me cry – we need a good cry once in a while, and I think sometimes that my lacrimal glands have atrophied. The Hunger Games and The Knife of Never Letting Go, despite not being tear-jerkers (thank goodness), had me in tears.

2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Love YA

  1. I definitely think the YA reading community is stronger, it can sometimes feel lonely being an adult book blogger (not often). They post more frequently because the reads are faster. And I recently had to google YOLO, I’d probably of had to google YA if I wasn’t a librarian…

  2. Great post! I thought I was too old for YA as well… I am so happy I found them because as a mommy I’ve realized I am not as focused and don’t have too much time in my hands for deep books! LOL! … And I wanted to re-gain my love for reading… once I found YA I’ve been able to go back to reading again… and it’s something I want my children to see! 🙂 Love your blog! I really do!

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