I was a patient

Yesterday I was a patient at a local casualty. I had been rolling around with the worst abdominal pains ever, and eventually decided that I couldn’t wait for our GP to start his day. I thought I was dying.

Things I learned:

IV lines really hurt – I get really annoyed when people act like babies when I need to draw bloods from them, because I’ve had bloods drawn and it’s really just a small prick. But I thought it was the same for an IV – and it isn’t. Wow. It hurts all the way. So consider me humbled and sensitised. Oops.

Being tethered to lines sucks – I now have sympathy with difficult patients. I am not made for the sick-role. I like being able to move around at leisure. Once the pain started subsiding, I got really restless.

Blood results showed a bacterial gastroenteritis, which I probably picked up from one of the kiddies in the elective hospital. Cue antibiotics, yum. Now I’m off for a few days. Is it a sign that Paeds isn’t for me? I don’t know.

The IV-painkillers didn’t last, unfortunately, but I seem to be getting better little by little. Somebody, please take the sick-role AWAY!

12 thoughts on “I was a patient

  1. Hope you’re better soon. I had a mild cellulitis requiring iv Abx as a med student, and I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable and inconvenient it was to have an iv in for three days! It gave me a whole new appreciation for what we do to our patients.

    1. Thanks Solitary! I can’t believe how restless I became when the IV wouldn’t let me move, even though without it I would have been lying down in any case. Definitely changed my views a whole lot! (And Cellulitis, ouch! Glad that’s not me.)

  2. Feel better! Those tiny germ-infested hands get you every time… I was given a reminder of how badly ear infections and pharyngitis can hurt, but I guess it’s always a good thing to gain perspective about how our patients feel!

  3. Gotta love those IV’s. My class of paramedics had to practice on each other before we were allowed to start IV’s in the field (probably a very good idea!). My record is eight in one day… started on me.

    1. Eight! That’s ridiculous!
      We used to practice on each other at my medical school, but that was “outlawed” in my first year. Not sure if something bad happened, or if seniors forced unsuspecting first years to submit to their poor IV-skills. So now it’s skills lab and then patients, no more practicing on each other. WOW. EIGHT. My sympathies!

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