Green Landscapes

Linking up with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for today’s post.

My favourite colour is green. I have never had a picture or a notebook or a set of revision notes without the colour. It breathes life for me, and I am fortunate to live in a country that has it abundantly.

To my mind, the Western Cape has but one beautiful season, and that is Spring – when the winter rains have brought forth life in abundance. The beginning of the year is a hot and blistering summer, which lends brittle grayness to the landscape of fynbos, a colour I never could appreciate.

Never short of rain, mountainous Hogsback is always lush and green. It is the sky that changes the landscape here. I doubt I will ever understand how so much greenery can accompany so much poverty. In story books and tales of old, rains always equated wealth. Yet we are constantly declaring droughts. Do we have an engineering problem, perhaps? Surely if collected, we should have enough water to quench every child’s thirst?

The coral tree at home. Home in the Eastern Cape, where I grew up with warm and moist summers. We welcomed the daily summer downpour, knowing it quenched our land and cooled our sun-baked skins.


  1. TrishaDM says:

    These are beautiful!

  2. Stunning photography!! The landscape in the 2nd shot is just beautiful 🙂 If you’ve got some great sunset shots too, we’ve got a sunset challenge going right now!

    1. Thanks Nick! I’ll definitely stop by!

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