SAS Resolutions

DSCN2221 (640x480)It may be well into the second week of the new year, but I figure it’s not too late to make some resolutions. The Chinese New Year is still around the corner in anycase (and it’s the year of the snake, my year, yeah!). Some of these are true-to-the-word resolutions, and others are kind of goals or hopes. I also realised that I can send some tiny attachments without being connected to the internet, it just takes forever to send. Someone please let me know if the picture came through? This is from my cabin window (YES I HAVE A CABIN WINDOW SQUEEL!).

1. Pass all my SAS classes – this may sound silly, but it’s a real concern of mine. I would actually like to get A’s, but in the South African system an A is 80+, where in the US-system it’s 90+. So it’s different.

2. Pass my home classes – I’m taking three classes from my home school through the internet and I really need to pass them if I want to graduate on time. One of them is Pharmacology, which is a big scary giant.

3. Have an intelligent conversation with Archbishop Emeritus Bishop Tutu – I have yet to see him, let alone meet him, whereas it seems everyone has met him and had photos taken with him! When I meet him I hope to be able to have a critical discussion, because I’m afraid I might be pretty star struck and simply proclaim that I’m his biggest fan.

4. Have an intelligent/enlightening discussion with Doctor Sharon Hostler – she is our academic dean, a Professor of Paediatrics, and part of the reason specifically wanted to do this voyage. We spoke briefly today. I think I can learn a lot from her. She has a great interest in rural underserved communities, which is awesome.

5. Don’t get sea-sick – going well so far. I had one Meclizine before the ship set sail yesterday, and felt a little queasy last night and tonight after dinner. Both times I took a short nap and felt fine afterwards. But apparently the seas will get much rougher.

6. Don’t get demerits for walking around barefoot – Being barefoot in a public area (e.g. dining hall) is an offense here. Apparently for safety reasons. That’s really tough for me because I love walking barefoot (ahem, the name) and I don’t mind a stubbed toe. But one must adhere to the community standards. In this case.

7. Be involved in at least one student organisation – we had signups tonight at the “involvement symposium”. I’ve already decided not to be involved with the Seas Council, which is like student government, because two years of that was plenty. I’m already pretty overloaded in terms of academics, so I also am going to make this the year that I don’t try to do everything. But the Community Service part I’m definitely up for, and anycase that involves a lot of in-port things, when we don’t have classes.

8. Do something active – at this rate, I’m climbing a fair amount of stairs just to get to the dining hall, but I’d like to make this the one time I actually do some exercise, be it in the gym, or dancing, or anything.

9. Eat healthily – the food here is actually pretty great. Not as good as home-food, but definitely better than the food at my school’s cafeteria. And they have FrootLoops! FrootLoops were discontinued in SA. I’ve been pretty good about not eating all the starchy things, and I’m going to try really to take advantage of the salads and veggies.

10. Don’t dehydrate – the water tastes horrible, like salt that’s lost its saltiness. I’m struggling to finish a bottle of water, and I’m not the only one. I’m going to try to keep hydrated by drinking fruit juice and Rooibos tea (Rooibos is not a diuretic).

11. Make friends – I’m a bit shy, and not very outgoing, and a little picky about friends. I have interacted with every person that’s been on my route, but I’d really like to make some meaningful friendships.

12. Blog and email regularly – all my family, friends and readers have indicated that they love hearing from me, but that I shouldn’t let blogging take over my day. I’m hoping at least to journal efficiently so that I can blog retrospectively if I don’t post everything immediately.

13. Take lots of pictures – I want to take a picture from my cabin window every morning. I think that could make a cool little video. And although I hate looking like a tourist, I want to take as many pictures of as many things as possible.

14. Visit a clinic and/or traditional healer in most countries – this is pretty difficult to organise, but I’m trying.

15. Buy meaningful gifts and souvenirs – I want to buy gifts for my family and The Boy that will really mean something to them, and not something that will just gather dust. Same for my own souvenirs.

16. GROW – to put myself out of my comfort zone, and to grow. I don’t think I have much a choice in this one!

*Sent from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Pictures will be added/edited upon my return home.

5 thoughts on “SAS Resolutions

  1. Excellent set of resolutions! And I just realized that you’re 12 years younger than me, as I’m also a snake. Apparently a very old snake.

    With respect to looking like a tourist, don’t worry about it! Photos are fabulous memories of an experience, so don’t waste any energy worrying about what a random stranger in a town you will probably never visit again things about how many photos you’re taking. As for souvenirs, I find that jewelry (relatively inexpensive, craft sale kind…not precious stone jewelry store kind) and Christmas tree ornaments are really nice keepsakes that don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase/at home.

    Glad you’re still posting! Love to hear about your journey.

  2. I can see the picture in your post – fabulous view and awesome resolutions! I collect postcards from everywhere I visit, and for gifts I buy something handmade & local – could be a leather bracelet, or a small carving.

  3. i’m so glad that this experience actually came through to happen for you! i wanted to do SAS as an undergrad, but life went in a different direction (i *did* live in another country for a while, but unrelated to school). undoubtedly this will shape you and your perspective as a future doctor. sailing around the world is still something i’d love to do sometime (probably when we’re retired, as a cruise or somesuch), so i’m SO excited to hear about your trip!

    totally with you on the shoes thing, though. i take mine off and go around campus (the library, etc) in stocking feet whenever i can get away with it.

    bon voyage! =)

  4. Love reading your posts, especially glad to hear you’re excited for all of this 😀 (sorry, this is waaaaaay late, so you’ve probably gotten over the excitement and settled into sailor mode by now, but heeey) I’d love to see how your first meeting with Desmond Tutu goes o(^~^)o stay sea-sturdy!

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