Weekly Photo Challenge: Sailing to the Future

This week’s weekly photo challenge with The Daily Post looks to the future. In my immediate future is touching on home base! In fact, right now we are sailing past the East Coast of South Africa, and just a few hours I was giddily staring at the lights of Durban’s coastline. I even have cell phone reception! But it is night time, so I do not have a decent photo to offer of that, at this point.

I have so many photos that speak of the promise of the future, so this was a difficult choice. Semester at Sea has truly shown me the great potential our world has. The photo I decided to share is of a young boy (he really is very young, isn’t he) who works as an oarsman on the Mekong River. I worry about him – and his peers – because I am afraid that although they are in perpetual motion, they run the danger of not going anywhere. If Vietnam is to grow and move forwards, they must utilise the bright young minds of their children. I really do hope that these children have a bright future in store for them.

DSCN3172 edit (1280x960)

The second picture was taken while traveling in Mauritius. It’s a little blurry, but I wanted to share it in any case.

DSCN4033 (1280x960) edit


  1. Indeed these kids need to have a proper education for they are the future of Vietnam.

    1. Agreed, thanks for visiting!

  2. I love both pictures! Would definitely be pleased to have something like that for Youth Journalism International. (HINT, HINT)

    1. Thanks Jackie! I will make a plan, sorry for the delays!

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