Look how far we’ve come

Just under a year ago, I posted about my friends, then fifth years, who had had their last day of class.

Today, it’s our turn.

As fate would have it, I am in South Africa for this important celebration. From here on out, we shall have clinical rotations and exams, but no more theory classes as a group. We will be Student Interns. We are just over eighteen months from graduating.

I don’t know if I’m ready. Just being an SI is a big responsibility. I’ll have to teach third years how to draw bloods. It will be my responsibility to ensure they have as positive an experience as possible – not something very many SIs cared for when I was a third year. And inside, I still feel like a newbie.

As usual, we celebrated by dressing up. Here are some pictures of dressing up – I’m on the far left, as a pirate. Fitting, don’t you think? My clinical partner, next to me, is Nicki Minaj. And don’t you just love the Rubik’s Cube?


Our class has endured so much. We have seen the “culling” of those who had not had sufficient experience, we have very often been the black sheep of the faculty, and we have had our internal struggles as well. But we have been a great group, in my humble opinion. So, just for posterity’s sake, here is a picture of some friends and me, on our very first day of classes in First Year…



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