Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

DSCN3732 (2000x1500)

These large Chinese fishing nets in Fort Cochin, Kerala, India, seem to be riding the wave of change.

Not actually introduced by the Chinese, but by the Portuguese, they are graceful in operation and enthralling to watch, but not very efficient: the hauls are usually small. As modernisation came to India, these nets were in danger of disappearing because other methods of fishing gave better yields.

But with modernisation came globalisation, and the influx of tourists meant that these nets could stay: now, tourists gawk at them and pay good money to work with the nets, or to eat the catch of the day. Times have changed, functions have changed, but these nets remain.


  1. nisha360 says:

    It ‘s cool that you got to go to Kerala my parents are actually from there so I’ve been there a couple of times it’s a great place but the people there aren’t used to people who are different so I had to put up with a lot of staring and keep saying “I am not sick,”

    1. You’re right, I noticed that people were very critical of “different” individuals.

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