Drawing to a close

Tonight is my last night on the M/V Explorer. What a journey it has been – 106 days! I am packed and early tomorrow I disembark. Two days exploring Spain, and then heading home. I am so excited to get home, but before that I have to somehow get my bags checked in without paying for overweight baggage. I don’t know how to do that but I have nothing I can throw out! Thank you for sharing in my journey, and supporting it. Once I get home to full internet, I will update more.


  1. barbi harrison says:

    Wow, what a trip! Savour the last moments, wear as much clothing as u can, fill ur handbag with heavy things, look nonchalant!! Good luck! Lv Mrs H xx

    1. Thanks Mrs Harri! I got through with all my luggage, yay! (My handbag was VERY heavy)

  2. beckireads says:

    Hope you have a nice couple of days in Spain and a safe journey back!

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