Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week’s photo challenge (which expires soon!) with The Daily Post is titled “Up”. [Let the record state that I love that movie.]

I have been sailing around the world for 106 days. Today we disembarked the ship. I feel that in these 106 days, I have looked to the sky more often than not. But today, I shall include two pictures only of our most recent port, Morocco. I loved this country, and almost got a crick in my neck from looking around so much.

DSCN4504 (2000x1500)

Above: The view of Marrakech as seen from the rooftop of our riad.

DSCN4572 (1500x2000)

Above: The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Possibly the biggest and most intricately-designed mosque I have ever seen. 

Morocco is a wonderful country. Colourful, vibrant, alive. Hopeful. Diverse. I will return, one day.


  1. doctorsprout says:

    oooh i was there once! That mosque is incredible!

    1. I thought so too – thanks!

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