Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (Floating Market, Vietnam)

It is the eve of my examinations, and I have been back in South Africa for exactly a week. It has been incredibly difficult to focus on studying. Fortunately I don’t start with the most difficult subject (which is not to say that I am not incredibly nervous).

Anyway, taking a break, this week’s theme for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “From Above”. I did not anticipate difficulty in finding a good picture taken from above, but it was difficult! The picture here is from our visit to Vietnam in February. We went to a large floating market on the Mekong Delta one morning. It was a little quiet, because it was the end of the Tet holiday. Many people sell in bulk at this floating market, and many, many little children help their parents with the daily work.

We stopped at one of the pineapple barges. I come from an area with many pineapple plantations, but I doubt I have ever seen so many of the fruit in one place! We bought a pineapple for about 10,000 Vietnamese Dong (roughly 50 US cents), and shared one among two people. The lady and her daughter cut the pineapples in pretty spirals and it looked like an ice cream. Considering the heat, it was as welcome as an ice cream too.

They allowed us onto their boat so that we could get a birds ‘ eye view of the market – but this was my favourite picture of them all.

DSCN3309 (2000x1500)


  1. Tina Schell says:

    I nearly entered some shots from the floating market also. A perfect response for the challenge.

    1. Thank you! Isn’t the market amazing though? I want to return to Vietnam one day to see everything I did not get to (Hanoi, Ha Long Bay), but when I do, I will return to the Mekong! Although I hear there are other floating markets in Vietnam, so that could be fun seeing too.

      1. Tina Schell says:

        HaLong Bay is a must do. We did an overnight and the floating towns are incredible!

  2. Love the photo and the story. What an amazing adventure you had!

    1. Thank you, Solitary! It truly was amazing – thank you for supporting it from the get-go!

    1. Thanks, Christine!

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