Murphy Likes Surgery

The time finally came: after my dislike of surgery in third year, I thought this year would be a good time for surgery to redeem itself… and more importantly, for me to redeem myself to the gods of surgery.

So I studied up a lot before starting my Head, Neck, and Breast Surgery rotation. And I have this positive attitude, guys! And it is all actually pretty interesting, AND I managed to survive the end-of-week consultant ward round.

And then…

Next week is national exam week for a lot of the registrars (i.e. residents) in South Africa… and our hospital is the exam venue. Which means that we have NO elective list for the week.

The upside: no list means no long intake rounds on the preceding Sunday. And of course: still plenty opportunity to learn.

The downside? My surgery-experience remains based on that (less-than-stellar) third-year-experience!

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