Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

DSCN4360 (2000x1500)

I took this picture at Elmina Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana, during my visit there with Semester at Sea in April this year. We learned about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in high school history class, and it was incredibly educational to visit this castle in the flesh. It was harrowing too. What a dark time in human history this was. I could almost feel the desperate yearning for escape that those in the slave trade must have felt – and very few of them would ever escape alive.

Linking up with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. milaiski says:

    great perspective!

    1. That is an amazing picture and I have almost the exact same photo from Elmina, different window though. It came top 25 in the national geographic photography contest. Every time I glance at on the wall, it reminds me that my the western world is the way it is because of castles like this.

      1. Thank you – your last sentence is so powerful. So true.

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