The Weird Intern Who Stepped Up To The Plate

A few days ago I wrote about my identification with Heather Brooks from Grey’s Anatomy (and how I wasn’t sure if I liked that). Since then, I heard from one doc that she used to identify with ER’s Dr Carter and from another soon-to-be medical student who identifies with Izzie (minus the LVAD chaos).

I also discovered that there is a lot of love out there for little ol’ Brooks! So here’s some of that love:

This was hilarious. I thought it was sweet that she did this without complaining (since I somehow don’t think this was included in her job description).

Oh WOW that hurt almost as much to see as it must have felt. And she recovers from the embarrassment so well!

Pac Man. In theater. I will never be the same again.

She just knows.

And THEN she does this very brave thing when Derek needs to be with Meredith. And she shows she’s not the dumb one after all. And finally she finds a mentor, and I can only hope for this kind of mentor for myself and all medical students/interns.



  1. Donimay says:

    Awesome job, I also liked Brooks and was glad to see her (and you) shine

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