10 Young South Africans in Healthcare

In need of a little inspiration? The Mail & Guardian, one of South Africa’s leading newspapers, annually names 200 of the country’s top young people under the age of 35 who have done great things in various fields. Individuals are named in categories of Arts, Business, Civil Society, Education, Environment, Health, Media&Film, Politics, Science&Technology, Sport and Advertorial.

They are ALL amazing young people, but obviously I am attracted to the health section. Six young doctors feature here – who work in sometimes harrowing conditions, and who are change-agents in South Africa and the world. Four laypeople are also doing great things in healthcare fields such as TB, HIV and Malaria.

Need some inspiration? Check them out, or why not check out the whole 200? I, for one, am inspired. I never realised that there were people out there who recognised young healthcare workers for doing good in their communities – I always thought one had to discover something big to be noticed. There is so much good we can do for this country, this continent, this world!


5 thoughts on “10 Young South Africans in Healthcare

  1. The 200 Young South Africans M&G supplement is always one of my favourite reads.

    Each time I read it, I feel both inspired and a little ashamed for not having done more with my talent and skills. But mostly I end up feeling inspired.

    1. I think I feel equal parts ashamed and inspired. I need to get out of my slump so I can do something cool and amazing too. This is the first year I’ve read the supplement, but I went online to read the archived copies. So. Freaking. Amazing. (The best part is that I know some of the people who made the list in previous years, and they did not stagnate!)

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