On Learning, Eventually

I am currently obsessed with Shane Koyczan’s spoken word poetry. All of it. He is a genius.

Today, I am stuck on The Student.

koyczan quote 1

The full lyrics (do you call it lyrics?) can be found at Koyczan’s website here. I find them to be so apt. If you have ever been on a ward round and asked a question you had never heard of, you will know. If you have ever been found to be lacking of knowledge, you will know. He captures so perfectly that wilting feeling in front of an esteemed and knowledgeable individual.

I feel sometimes that we live in an age of selfish knowledge: that many professionals no longer burn with a fire to pass on their knowledge. That the world of knowledge has become like this, “It’s my knowledge! I had to get it the hard way, and so can you!” (And we forget that we are meant to “stand on the shoulders of giants” – what if the giant bucks and throws you off?)

Some days I think that our own disbelief in our abilities may be the biggest impediment to learning. But there is a lot that fuels such a lack of confidence too. On a positive note, I remember one of my favourites:

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”


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