A Sunday Secret

A secret on PostSecret today:

I know that a lot of people hate hospitals and doctors (there are entire sociology chapters dedicated to it), but I never thought about it this way.

People dislike doctors because of needles, and tongue depressors that make you gag, and ear-irrigation (that hurts worse than needles) and because they think that doctors are pill-pushers (and maybe some of them are).

But if illness is losing control of your body, then a doctor is a constant reminder of the control you have lost and may never regain.

The buzzword in 21st century medicine is biopsychosocial, but I wonder if we can ever fully understand what that means. We are so confident in medicine that it is easy to say, “Oh, diabetes/HIV/haemophilia need no longer be a death sentence,” and forget that patients don’t share that medical experience and that to them it MAY WELL SOUND like a death sentence. And our informing them contrariwise does not solve the problem.

Maybe every patient should have the opportunity to talk with a therapist/counselor/psychologist after their doctor’s consultation. I don’t think the idea will ever take off in the public sector, due to resource constraints, but perhaps we should start entertaining the idea.


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