What’s Your Best Medicine

One of the psychiatrists made an interesting statement a few days ago: he says that if you were to take one medication to a deserted island, it should be an antihistamine, because beyond the obvious it could also help with nausea, diarrhoea and in high doses could even have antipsychotic effects.

So let’s play a game:

If you were stuck in a deserted location for an unknown duration, and could have only ONE medicine that would always be available, what would it be? (It has to be currently in existence. :P)

Fire away 😀


  1. Allie says:

    That’s a tough one!! I have a horrible stomach, so an anti-histamine or ondansetron or loperamide would probably be a good idea… but ibuprofen is so useful too…

    I think the anti-histamine would win out because heaven forbid I found I was allergic to something there, too!

    What would you bring?

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure but anti-histamine is nice for nausea and everything, so it’s definitely a top choice.
      Although, I can stand many things but stomach ache and diarrhoea are killers for me. So diosmectite could be good. Except you need clean drinking water for that. Mmmmh.

  2. Advil. I’m battling constant pain because of my scoliosis so as much as I try not to take it, I haven’t gone a few days without at least two.

    1. In that case I think you’d definitely need it to keep sane. I can’t imagine being in constant pain.

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