Bowel Sounds and Glug-Glug

On examination of a patient recovering from a Bricker’s Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion, a colleague had to qualify the bowel sounds. Trying to help, the registrar enquired whether the bowel sounds were ting-ting-ting (soft and almost gone) or glug-glug (loud).

And in my exhaustion all I could think of was this classic South African commercial (translation ad lib below).

GRANNY: Did you sleep well?

GRANDPA: Is he awake?

GRANNY: Yes he’s awake Grandpa.

They talk about how he’s slept nicely and adorable baby giggles.

GRANDPA: Say, ‘Oupa’.

GRANNY: ‘Ouma’


They argue over whether Baby should say Granny or Gramps first. Grandma says that little boys always say “Granny” first.

BABY: Glug-glug-glug! and later: SASOL!

Baby speeds off.

GRANDPA: And now where is he going?

GRANNY: Ag, probably not very far…


    1. Ooooh, study hard. Uro is pretty easy, Nephro study the spots, Gynae is usually the killer. For uro, study from the notes (those word documents) as well as the textbook, preferably next to each other while annotating in the book. Also, making really good summaries is a good idea. I’m currently studying from my 2nd year uro summaries…!

      1. Thank you so much! Many third years told us that uro is so bad we should rather just focus on nephro and gynae! But alas, I will give it my all. Congratulations for making it to SI year!

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