My YA Life in Book Titles

I decided to do this fun little bookish post that Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner started. It’s kind of like those old “pick a song to answer the question” posts, but you choose a book instead. These are all questions about the blogger (i.e. ME) when they were 16 years old (what, I’m not 16 anymore?!). So, you get a look at what I was like. And I get a free trip down memory lane.  Mh. This was difficult. Anywho, enjoy.

You at 16:

At my Sweet Sixteenth

How would you describe your 16 year old self? Divergent <I like to think I broke the mold a few times. I was the nerdy kid who went partying, had a boyfriend, did karate and wasn’t too shy. It also meant I had some trouble figuring out where I belonged, though.>

When You Looked Into The Mirror What Did You See:  Bruised <For a long time, karate was my life. I was always bruised, but not badly. My friends and I loved comparing our “battle scars”. The worst part really was when a poor punch sprained your fingers.>

Your 16 your old self outlook on life/motto: Because of Lissa <I was very affected by other people’s issues and struggles, and thought I could solve it for them or that I could help them carry the weight.>

How You Think People Would Describe Your Personality:  The Girl of Fire and Thorns <I was a little vicious in attitude and verbal ability. I loved a good debate and could stomach a lot, stand up for a lot, fight for a lot.>

Describe An Insecurity In High SchoolLet’s Get Invisible < I was not an attention seeker, but I came from a primary school where I had often felt invisible and high school had changed that. I was pretty worried about reverting back to being an invisible student.>

Describe Your Worst Trait As A TeenThe Time Keeper <I had way too much on my plate and never enough time for it. I loved the rushing around and the pressure, but it would have been good for me to learn to prioritise and cut down back then… because it is a skill I still struggle with!>

Describe the contents of your diary/journalMountains Beyond Mountains <I wanted to save the world and I wanted to do it NOW. I wrote about how I wanted to cure HIV, adopt orphans, and what not. I still want to do good, but I think I’ve become more realistic. That may or may not be a good thing.>

Your biggest FearEasy <Rumours can be vicious, and I was always afraid that something I said or did would make me appear easy or loose.>

You excelled atA Change of Tongue  <Linguistics and public speaking were my THING. Still not always sure how I landed up in a scientific direction. At least medical terminology has been mostly an easy ride because LATIN.>

You were always concerned about:  On Being Ill <I may have been a bit of a hypochondriac.>

You Thought Your Life Was:  Ender’s Game <I was good at things, and competitive, but it all seemed like a bit of a game. Now I’m older and nobody really cares about how well you did in high school, and I think it was like a bit of a game – albeit one with purpose. I’m glad I enjoyed it.>

Your Love Life at 16: 

How would you sum up your high school love life?  The Emperor of all Maladies <seems melodramatic, but I can’t believe I allowed something so insignificant cause so much distress. Ugh. Teenagers.>

Describe your most serious boyfriend from high school? The Giver <We were good friends for a long time, while dating in between, and we remain good friends today, although we are in different countries now. So it’s hard to sum him up in one title, and we have some unpleasant history, but he really gifted me with a lot. Self-confidence especially.>

Describe your first kissDouble Fudge <Haha. This is so apt. I don’t really know how to explain it though.>

Your philosophy on dating/loveJust One Day / Redeeming Love <Basically, I had a very romanticised view on dating and love. I truly believed that one day or one bahviour influenced the relationship, and that love could redeem a person’s bad qualities.>

Describe Your Worst Break Up: The Knife of Never Letting Go <You know those couples who should just make a clean break, but can’t seem to do it? Yep, we were like that. How embarrassing.>

You and Family at 16:

Your relationship with your mom and dad as a teen: The Alchemist  <This was two questions, but my answer is combined. They will deny it because they’re so nice, but I was actually a very difficult and mouthy teenager for a long time. Our relationship changed dramatically for the better though.>

Your relationship with a sibling: Pandemonium <I’ve always loved my brother and sister, but teenage angst was not kind. We argued a lot.>

What you thought about your parents rules/parenting style: The Da Vinci Code  <I thought they were cryptic and their methods strange. Nowadays I think I understand more.>

Friends at 16:

Describe you and your best friend at 16Interpreter of Maladies

Your Social Status: Geek Love <One of the messages I got in my yearbook was, “You’re the coolest nerd ever”. >

Describe Your Group Of Friends: The Peculiars <We were such mix-match of people. Never a dull moment.>


In my final year of high school

Your Perception Of High School Upon EnteringLet’s Get Invisible <Notice how earlier this was also my biggest insecurity. I was 14 when I went to a high school where I knew virtually nobody. I saw all of these accomplished young girls and everyone was so driven, and my first thought was that I’d stay out of the limelight and just make it. I’m so glad that thought did not last!>

Your relationship with academicsMary Poppins <I know I sound conceited. I swear I’m not. It had its own challenges.>

Your Weekends WereBreathing Space

If Your High School Life Was A Movie It would be calledIt’s Not The End of the World <I found I could keep going.>

A Class You Wish High School Would Have OfferedKitchen Confidential <HAH. I’m a miserable cook. And actually, there was a class where cooking was involved, I just did not take it because I needed my science classes for university. I guess an after school activity would have been preferable.>

Your Senior Year WasThe Infinite Moment of Us  <My final year of school was wonderful. There were bad times, but my overwhelming memories are of an incredible year.>

Describe prom: State of Wonder

When High School Ended It WasThe Bad Beginning <I may have been well-prepared for the grownup world, but I had no desire for it. I liked school, and home.>

The Future

How You Felt About The Prospect of College: The Road to Mecca

How You Thought Your Life Would Be At 23 (insert whatever age you are now)Eat Pray Love <HAHAHAHA. I figured life would be SORTED by now.>

Your Life Now:

Describe Your Love Life Now: A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea <We have a very genuine, down-to-earth relationship. It is very rational, and nothing like I thought my love life would be like seven years ago. But it is refreshing. I wouldn’t change it for the world.>

Describe The State Of Your Friendship With Your High School BFFGone Girl <Shame, it’s not anybody’s fault. What with going to different universities, keeping in touch has been near impossible. It’s probably more my fault than anyone else’s though. I’ve been keeping busy…>

Your Relationship With Your Parents Now: The Sea of Tranquility <We get along really well now. Things are calm.>

Your Thoughts On Your High School ReunionMaverick <I had some incredible classmates, many of whom have already started changing the world. I think it’s going to be incredible. Whether my schedule will allow me to attend is what concerns me more.>

Biggest Lesson You Learned In High SchoolOther Words for Love <Yeah well… it’s true. And I couldn’t find a better title.>

One Thing You WISHED You Had LearnedThe Art of Hearing Heartbeats <Hah. Literally because I think I need several years to learn to pick up all sorts of murmurs and things. And figuratively because I’m not always a very good judge of character. I’m learning.>

Advice You Wish You Could Have Given Your Teen SelfTouch <Not like thaaaat! Just – I tended to distance myself and to be so immersed in my activities that I sometimes forgot to experience life.>

Something You Could Learn From Your 16 Year Old SelfCatching Fire <I was one passionate girl! I knew what I wanted, and I was all ablaze to go get it. I think real life may have dampened that passion a little.>

That took longer than expected. I need to go study now. I would love to read your responses if you do this too!


  1. manda-rae says:

    I love the last one, something you can learn from your 16-year-old self, Catching Fire. The thorny personality, and you excel at communication? So something I could never do. I like seeing what titles everyone is using. This survey was long, but fun to do!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I really want to get more in touch with who I was at 16 – perhaps we could all benefit from remembering who were, to some extent.

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