Grey’s Anatomy: An Obituary

grey spoiler alert

Do not read this if you have not yet watched up to and including Grey’s Anatomy S10E02. There will be spoilers. And emotions. If you are new to my blog (thank you for reading, and welcome) – yes, I do watch Grey’s Anatomy, and yes, I know a lot of it is entirely inaccurate; and no, my work is nothing like theirs, except maybe on dermatology.

If you’re still reading: Hi.

A little while ago, I wrote about how Dr Brooks (a.k.a. Mousey) is my favourite Intern on Grey’s Anatomy. And how I identified a lot with her.

Well ain’t that just swell, because Ms Rhymes killed her off.

I bawled. I really cried so hard. And then the stupid remaining interns reminded me why I don’t like them one bit. They couldn’t say anything good about Mousey, because they never cared to get to know her.

Dear Interns: this is how you mourn. Remember how she would share random details of her life with you, and you just wouldn’t care? Remember how you were all too occupied with who you were bedding and avoiding Meredith to care about each other. Remember how excited you were in this photo on your first day, but then that was the closest you ever got to one another.

Remember how she was your guinea pig when you all were dying to try out your new toy, the LODOX machine.

Remember how funny she was. How she could stand up to someone, cheek them a bit, and sit back and accept authority, all when necessary.

Remember how you used her deodorant and ate her snacks.

Remember how she was awkward, but really freakin’ funny, and how could you not NOTICE that? Remember her random quips in theater? Remember her Pac Man sounds. Remember that she was AWESOME. And you all could never see it. What, because she was weird? Not hardcore, or sexified, or a cheerleader, or pushy? Because she never shoved her brilliance in anybody’s face? You thought you were too cool for her, because she was the weird kid. But secretly you were all a little weird too. Maybe she made you uncomfortable about your own hidden weirdness.

Dear Interns, THAT is how you mourn. You don’t have to make up stupid borrowed stories. How crass could you get? And then you turn it into a lesson – ooooh now we’ll be all close-knit and stuff because of what Heather’s death taught us. 

Ugh. You make me sick.

I know it is just a story, but I feel like I’m mourning a little. Yang and Meredith are too old now, I can’t identify with them anymore. I don’t even know if I can continue watching the show.

Mousey was my spirit animal. Why did they have to kill her?!

via Monica Hooda, DeviantArt


  1. gillandrews says:

    And this is why I stopped watching this series a year ago: a) waaay too high concentration of drama per episode and b) it involves you emotionally so much that at some point you think it is happening for real. Good series, but I just couldn’t handle it 🙂 So I can imagine how you feel…

    1. Such a wise decision. Maybe I should just watch Heart of Dixie. Waaaay less emotions. I think.

  2. crankygiraffe says:

    Awe, I’m sorry they killed off your favorite character! That’s kind of how I felt when they killed off George :(. I agree with you, though, about the other interns: I really don’t like them an I don’t like where the story is going with them. Sometimes I wonder why I still watch the show, too.

    1. Thank you – George was such a sweetie too… I was miserable when he died, but I had never identified with him like I did with Heather.
      I may or may not watch the next episode. Sigh, I probably will. Who can imagine why?

  3. I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop watching the show. I thought the killing of Mark and Lexie was the last straw…but I keep going back. I think when Christina leaves that’ll be it.


    1. When she leaves I don’t think there will be any reason to keep watching… it won’t really be Grey’s anymore, I think… Maybe this should just be the last season, done.

  4. Larry says:

    I never really got into that program however I did love the old St. Elsewhere and Scrubs. I also love Monte Python so that gives you a sense of me. lol

    1. Hah, I never really got into Scrubs… I don’t know why. Didn’t have enough time for two shows, and was already on Grey’s, perhaps!

  5. stlluna7 says:

    As a Meteorologist I chafe at inaccurate depictions of weather-related scenarios. So, I get the angst or at least cognizance of inaccuracies.

    1. I can just imagine – our understanding of weather scenarios is so limited! I’d actually love to know how wrong we are about certain things, if you want to share 🙂

      1. stlluna7 says:

        I love it when I am wrong because that makes me a better forecaster and with computer models these days, you would be surprised at what they can forecast.

        An example is today’s low over the Eastern parts of NC. The computer model saw this coming, though forecasters with a penchant for obeying climatological models are too reliant on those models. The net effect is seeing something but not confident enough to actually accept the reality of it’s genesis.

      2. stlluna7 says:

        I think that weather can be a trade and also an art form. The really good forecasters are not robots and data is at best two dimensional.

        🙂 I take the jokes in stride realizing this field is crazy complicated. That is the beauty of it. Intricate with nuances.

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