Ten Goals for 2014

Ah. Goals. Do I call them goals? It seems like you jinx them that way. It is going to be a tough year ahead. I kind of already did something similar last week, but here are some (mostly bookish) other things I am aiming for this year (linking up with Top Ten Tuesday).

1. Stay healthy

So many South African medical students burn out in their final year. They sure aren’t gentle with us. I need to stay healthy and not burn out: eat healthy foods, remember to exercise, and rest enough.

2. Do eight Parkruns

There is a Parkrun every Saturday. I would like to participate every Saturday, but given that I have no idea what my weekend working schedules will look like (okay, I have an idea: ROUGH), I’m being gentle on myself.

Me πŸ™‚ At a Parkrun

3. Be more cheerful

This is just a personal observation, but I think sometimes I’m a little too much of a downer.

4. Get published (academically)

There are some invitations for submissions… (wait, is that the kind of thing one does not speak of?) The big problem is that it is super hard to get things edited and ready for submission. Especially since research isn’t really a big component of undergrad medical school in South Africa anymore. I’m working on it.

5. Read 30 books

I read 79 books in 2013, but again, I am going all in to graduate WELL at the end of the year. Of course I’d like to read more… but I also need to be able to know when other things take priority over reading.

6. Read Long Walk to Freedom and/or Conversations with Myself

Yeah, I know, I’m a bad South African. At least I own both.

7. Write (non-academic stuff)

I really enjoyed NaNoWriMo, even though I didn’t hit the 50,000 word count. I have a teacher who keeps telling me that I need to write my book before she dies, and I actually really miss writing. Even just a few words…

8. Thin out my GoodReads TBR

I noticed that there are a good few books on my TBR that I no longer want to read. I also like the idea of giving them positions so I have an idea of what I actually want to read next. As you can probably tell, this is just another silly little procrastination project I won’t have time for. It’s the thought that counts, right?

9. Read something funny

I don’t read nearly enough funny books. I mean, I don’t think I’ve actually read a book that intended to be hilarious. The last book that made me laugh was Looking for Alaska, that scene with Miles and the Russian girl – just before the book went and broke my heart.Β I was thinking of one of Ellen Degeneres’ books, or something in that line. (Any suggestions?)

10. Read some classics

The Picture of Dorian Grey, 1984, anything by Dickens, The Great Gatsby… all these are books I haven’t read.


  1. #3 needs to be like, plastered on my bedroom ceiling or something, lol. I also tend to be a little too serious/a bit of a downer and realised recently that it’d be nice to be more cheerful about…well, everything xD

    #8 = the eternal dilemma of a reader/book blogger πŸ™‚

    #10 = all very excellent titles you’ve mentioned there *thumbs up*

    Great list! Wishing you all the best in succeeding in your goals this 2014 πŸ˜‰ My TTT

  2. #5 You’re not alone. Long Walk have been lying on my shelf for several years but I haven’t read it yet. Fiction is just so much more fun… Conversations is on my wish list.

    #9 I can recommend without reservation The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. Also anything by P.G. Wodehouse (my favourite’s The Small Bachelor, but he wrote many excellent short stories as well).

  3. Oooo, you’re in for a treat with Gatsby, it is one of my favorite books ever! I really enjoyed Galapagos by Vonnegut as well if you’re looking for some more fiction.

    As far as funny books I know… that’s tricky. I think the writer Spider Robinson has some hilarious stuff embedded in the Callahan’s Series though (especially if you like really involved puns) but I’m biased since he’s my favorite sci-fi writer.

  4. I would like to use the image of the girl reading if I have your permission. Please let me know and I will credit you on my site that I am creating for a school assignment, Thank you

  5. The source for that lovely image of the reading girl is, in fact, a stolen and altered image. The original (also seen in my icon) was drawn by the lovely and talented Erica Parks. Find her on Deviant Art here: http://klork.deviantart.com/art/Jenn-s-Avatar-156002910

    Please, if you use her image, use the original and credit her. The other has already been removed by the woman who was trying to sell it. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve looked at the image and to be very frank, I don’t see much resemblance. The book and even the girl’s hair look completely different. So do the facial features, as one has a significantly less prominent nose, for example. One has a collar and the other does not. So I find it hard to believe that it is a stolen image as the only real resemblance is that there is a girl reading in a silhouette.

      However, as a I do not have the source for the image I have used, and because I’d prefer not to get caught up in controversy, I’ve removed the image.

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