The Interns vs. The Student Interns

Editing this post for the sake of maturity and propriety.

So, I had my Surgery OSCEs today. They were pretty awful and I am really just hoping for a pass, which I will hopefully improve in the upcoming exams.

This rotation was even worse than the same rotation in third year. I have never been abused by Interns* this much! (Not even in third year, because back then my repertoire of clinical skills was not quite as useful.)


I had a big rant-y post about this, but I’ve decided to edit it and just leave the image to speak for itself.

Probably surgery just brings out the worst in a lot of people – myself included.

I hope I never have an experience like this again. I think SIs and Interns should be able to work well together, in a way that we still learn from them, but still manage to make their load lighter. I hope this was an anomalous experience. And although I will still have to completely two months of surgery during Internship, I hope it is nothing like this.

But now, I will stop. I have a Golden Weekend to enjoy!

*Clarification: Interns = freshly graduated doctors; first or second year post-grad

Student Interns = final year medical students


  1. peace says:

    Aww Thanks God interns here are our best ally. I hate surgery as well. But if not for their interns my rotation there would be pure hell. God help help you good girl. You can do it.

    1. Thank you, dear. I usually have good experiences with interns too. Not entirely sure what happened in this case.

  2. harveylisam says:

    I read your first edition yesterday but didn’t have time to comment – I can understand why you would edit it (that always happens to me, too, once I’ve calmed down a bit) but I must say I 100% agreed with every bit of yesterday’s rant! I find that as a student intern (clerk over here), it’s too common for people not to respect your time and the fact that you’re there to learn – NOT to lessen their workload. After all, we’re not getting paid. They are.

    I’ll stop ranting and save it for my own blog post haha.

    1. I’m so glad you agree. I just felt I sounded a little immature, although part of me wanted to leave it as is. Interesting to hear that this happens to you as well!
      I’m now on orthopedics and it is SO amazing not to be abused and misused. I’m learning so much and it is wonderful.

      1. peace says:

        It wasn’t immature it was shocking. It was a stiry about something that hapoened. You didn’t generalize which is very mature, esp you were dreading failing your rotation. I wish you kept it, because there is a good chance we might do the same mistakes as interns. It would be a good reminder to those who will read it later, that we should care more.

  3. Sandra Nguy says:

    Totally understand your frustration! I hope like you said, that it was an anomalous situation and that you enjoyed your weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was a fabulous weekend!

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