On the Go: Jetting off to MWASA 2014

Firstly: I survived hell-week! It was very different than the first hell-week in April. In April I was examined on two completely different subjects a day. This month it was one a day, but with much wider subjects like Internal Medicine and Paediatrics, so it was still an insane amount of work.

Monday: written exams for Paeds and Internal. They were a little weird but okay.
Tuesday: OBGYN OSCEs and OSPEs. A bunch of practical, oral and written standardised stations. The exam was fair, but three and a half hours long, so exhausting.
Wednesday: Psychiatry oral. This was nerve-wrecking. It went well and I was told on the day that I passed. Yay!
Thursday: Paeds clinical cases. I had a nice bronchiectasis case and a less-nice floppy child case (I was his fourth student and he was miserable from having his reflexes prodded all day).
Today: Three Internal Med cases of an hour each. Exhausting! I screwed up with the neuro case again but I think I did well in my other two – I got a cardio and a rheuma case.

Overall this exam week went better than in April. I don’t know what the results will say but I am less burnt out, I got more sleep, and I feel more competent.

Anyway, as I’m typing this I am at Cape Town International Airport. This weekend I am attending the inaugural conference of the Medical Women’s Association of South Africa. I am being sponsored to attend and I am very excited to see what happens this weekend.

Oh, and we only get the rest of our exam results next week Friday, so I need to occupy myself somehow til then (and not go mad).


  1. Samuel says:

    Your week was very loaded indeed Barefoot. But thank God you survived it. Lest I forget am still waiting for a reply to my message on your blog here. I’ve not received your feedback. Anyway, I wish you the Best of Luck in the written papers ok. You’ll come out in flying colours. Remain blessed. ~ Sam

    1. Sam, I am not sure which message you are referring to. I have not received any comments from a Samuel recently. Please refer me to the comment as I only see recent questions from a Sithandokuhle and Ladyguru. You will however need to be patient. As you can see I am busy with my very final exams and they do take priority over my blog, which is simply a personal blog and not a responsibility. I do not like giving half-hearted answers for important questions.

  2. mchunulv90 says:

    Hectic week indeed. Seems medical schools are different in SA, yesterday Wits students were celebrating on passing their final block exam. They didn’t mention anything like the exams you just had. Women’s Medical Association..?! That sounds interesting, can’t wait to hear more about it. Enjoy your break, oh and I’m officially calling it hear, you’re already a Doctor!
    All the best with the upcoming week M!

    1. Yeah, every medical school has a different way of having exams. Free State is even worse than us, they write EVERYTHING at the end of the year so it takes more than two week! Thanks, the conference was very interesting, and I will post more about it shortly. Thank you for your support, Lwazi!

  3. Peace says:

    Congrats on finishing your exams. You can now breath. Good luck with the conference and hope your grades make you jump with joy.

    1. Thank you so much, Peace!

  4. harveylisam says:

    Have fun!! And I know you’ve done great on your exams. Because I know everything. 😛

    1. Phew, well it’s great to know I know somebody who knows everything! 😀 heh.

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