Ten Books on my Christmas Wishlist

I’m jumping the gun a bit with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, because you know, I want to give people enough time to find books for my Christmas stocking 😛 I have a gajillion books on my wishlist, but these are ten books I really wouldn’t mind.


1. The World of PostSecret by Frank Warren – this is the new PostSecret book! Do I need to explain any further?

2. Letters of Note by Shaun Usher – this is another one of my favourite websites. Some fantastic letters and I would just adore this book.

3. The new Bloomsbury Harry Potter books – I want this whole collection, I love the covers! But I’ll settle for a start to the collection.

4. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr – I have a soft spot for books with disabled protagonists, but ESPECIALLY when it comes to visual impairment. And that, PLUS World War II? It sounds incredible.

5. Clariel by Garth Nix – I’ve been waiting at least ten years for this book!

6. Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor – I’m dying to read this sci-fi set in Lagos. And the cover is just out of the world, designed by one of my favourites: South African Joey Hi-Fi.

7. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks – apparently a fantastic book and it might help me with my fear of neurological cases.

8. A Man of Good Hope by Jonny Steinberg – you just have to read the blurb yourself, it sounds that amazing. Very different from Three Letter Plague, but still something I NEED to read.

9. Kamphoer by Francois Smith – this is a shocking title (the English title is Camp Whore), but it SHOULD be shocking. It is the story of a woman who was raped during the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa. I think it might be a great South African work, and I specifically want to read it in Afrikaans.

10. Synapse by Antjie Krog – her first anthology in eight years! I love Krog’s poetry and I would love to roll these around in my mouth.

30 thoughts on “Ten Books on my Christmas Wishlist

  1. WOW! Jy is omtrent ‘n besige-bytjie-leser. Geniet jou boeke. Eks ook baie mal oor lees, maar moet sê na elke 5 jaar in jou lewe verander smaak ook met die ouderdom …
    Sterkte met die eksamen.

      1. Ek dink soos mens ouer word, raak jy ook kieskeurig oor skrywers. Maar, lekker lees … geniet dit.

  2. That Harry Potter collection is gorgeous! I’m partial toward Kazu Kibuishi’s covers, so I’ll probably be asking for that for Christmas. Lovely list!

    1. Well the last three are South African books so one could certainly ascribe that to it 🙂 and also, I follow a bunch of book bloggers which is where I find out about a lot of books that I would not have known otherwise 🙂 Girl, you’re a resident – of course you’d feel a little out of touch. You’re busy doing biiiiig things!

  3. I’ve only heard of a bunch of the books you mentioned, but you definitely made me add some to my to-read shelf (which really didn’t need anymore additions… so THANKS :P). I love the cover for Letters of Note. It’s so simple and the typography and texture are beautiful! And of course, I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of the newer editions of HP. The current set I have now is mismatched and at least ten years old, haha. And I agree — Lagoon’s cover is gorgeous. It sounds super original, too. Don’t think I’ve read a book that was set in Africa!

    Here’s hoping you receive at least a few of the books on your list for Christmas this year! 😀

    1. Thank you! I’ve actually already received TWO, which one of my friends gifted me via iBooks! I’m so excited!
      My HP collection is all mismatched too, LOL.
      You should totally read a book set in Africa – I’ve made it a project to read as many books from around the world as possible, and I even have a Google maps-map to track it. It’s just lovely.
      Nnedi Okorafor also wrote Akata Witch, which is a lovely YA fantasy set in Nigeria, which you might like!

  4. I’m with you on all things harry potter!! the recent redesigns are GORGEOUS, especially the edition which makes hogwarts from the book spines =D have a great christmas!

  5. I want the Bloomsbury Harry Potter book even though I didn’t put them on my list, my list was books I don’t own kind of list. But those covers look amazing!

  6. Those covers for Harry Potter are so gorgeous! I just wish I could own them all! Hopefully Santa leaves you some goodies under the tree this year! Here’s my Top Ten!

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