Learning to Adult

I guess I’m going from deep end to deeper-end.

I spent some time at SARS (South African Revenue Services) yesterday registering as a tax payer (only to learn that I actually am already registered). I didn’t wait in line too long because tax season just ended but it was still pretty much a bee-hive.

I walked to the receptionist, put down my documents and started saying, “I would like to register…” but then, because you know, I wouldn’t really LIKE to, but it’s the right thing to do, so I started again, “I am here to register as a tax payer.”

Anyway. It felt kind of grown-up, I suppose. Of course, a whole lot of my hard-earned income will be going to tax in a country where the schools and libraries and roads that so desperately need it will never see any of it, while our president will lavish in his pool.

Cynical moment for the day over.

It’s been a huge (but kind of exciting) mission getting everything in order, when it comes to grown-up things. I had to get a new bank account (and who doesn’t like getting a shiny new card with shiny new benefits?) and think of all those things like disability insurance and what-not. We don’t really insure our hands in South Africa, we just insure ourselves against temporary and permanent disability.

I know that once I start working on 1 January I probably won’t have time to sort these things out. Did I mention my first rotation (of FOUR MONTHS) is in OBGYN?

Well, it is.

I am nipping a little because I have not yet sorted out my medical aid or retirement planning. I have a real issue with medical aids on offer because not only are they pretty expensive and full of loopholes, but none of them offer the optical/dental benefits that I need, and they all offer a bunch of things I don’t really need.

I also need to start looking at getting a car. That’s one thing I am really excited about!

It is all rather overwhelming although it is, of course, a great privilege to have to make these kinds of decisions, because it means that I am starting a whole new phase of my life. I try to keep reminding myself of that, so that I don’t get bitter about something that I should really be grateful for.

Today I have just two weeks of holiday left. It is the longest holiday I will have in a very long time, as we are not allowed to take more than a week at a time during our two-year internship. I have a lot of things on my to-do list, but most of all I hope that I will enjoy the time with my family, and get sufficient rest. ❀


  1. Yay for starting on OBGYN! Best ever (I might be biased, though). I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation! (from the former “crankygiraffe”)

    1. Hah! Thank you πŸ™‚ You may be a little biased but that’s okay πŸ˜› I used to love OBGYN but the likelihood for accidental exposures has really put a dampener on it recently. Which is sad because BABIES! And other things. πŸ˜›

  2. WOW! It’s getting real. I love the fact that you blog about that, I wouldn’t know where to start with all these things that need you to be ”grown up”. It’s quiet an exciting phase…..Wait 1 week of leave for both years or is it 1 week for each year?!

    1. Yeah, luckily we did get a little bit of guidance from banks that came to speak to us, and my parents have also been instrumental in helping me know what needs to be done. Otherwise I would really be in the dark!
      As for leave, no, sorry: We get 21 days for the year, but we are only allowed to take seven days at a time.

  3. Nee mens moet van die begin af besluit wat hulle met jou belasting doen Ek het altyd gesΓͺ my geld word op die paaie waarop ek ry bestee, want watter regering ook al in beheer is, iewers word geld gemors! Baie geluk nou is jy ook ‘n getroue landsburger

      1. Nee mens kan nie kies nie maar as mense so gekerm het daaroor was dit altyd my antwoord want sekere geld word darem goed bestee en die paaie wat ek gebruik is tog ‘n sigbare plek. Ek sou ook nie omgee as dit ‘n honger mens kan kosgee nie

  4. Ooh, congrats on learning to adult! SOUNDS SCARY. I’m truly dreading when I have to final adult sufficiently. Parents are so wonderful and totally under appreciated until we realise all the do, right?! lol XD

    1. Yes! Parents are amazing! Luckily they are also more than willing to provide advice when one learns to adult. If not, I would have collapsed in a heap of mucus and tears by now. πŸ˜€

  5. You make me smile Mariechen, thank you! I hope that you find life in adult land a bit less startling soon, there IS quite a bit to learn. And you will keep learning, of this I am sure. It’s because you are awesome!

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