Internship: Day 1

This morning, when most of the world was nursing their hangovers, I woke up to go to my first day of work. It’s a miracle I made it to the hospital safely, the way that I was quivering in my boots.

For the rest of my life, 1 January will be my anniversary of entering the working world. bcfd29830cb11bd5f2501f76b5d85051 Some first-year interns at other hospitals are really unfortunate and are on call on their very first day, but at my hospital the second year interns are very kindly doing today’s calls – and this weekend’s, so that we can get settled in. What a nice way to start.

We are 34 new medical interns (and six new pharmacy interns) and we basically spent the day getting oriented. We were welcomed by the hospital’s CEO (she’s really nice), and we were given a huge pack of books with standard treatment guidelines and a bunch of other pointers.

The doctors’ committee even gave us an “intern’s survival guide” which I thought was fantastic.

We got our prescribers’ numbers. Wait, who decided I was competent to prescribe?!

It was really a day of information overload but I got the idea that everyone was happy to have us there so that made it quite nice.

And my fellow interns? They’re REALLY nice.

Two things that stuck with me today was said by one of the second-year interns:

1. “Today you need to decide what kind of doctor you want to be. Are you going to be a great doctor, a mediocre doctor, or a terrible doctor?”

2. “Don’t be that person that sits at home while were are socialising, and if you have the weekend off, GO DO SOMETHING.”

So. Tomorrow is a proper working day and yeah, I am terrified, but I guess that will be the status quo for a while now.


  1. I’m so happy, I don’t think I’m also supposed to be this happy. I mean, I’m not the one starting my medical career LOL. Whooo all the best! If its any consolation (not that it compares to yours), I was also up early on the 1st…studying. We have exams from Christmas right till New year. Happy new year & all the best with intern.
    PS. How’s your isiXhosa skills? since you’re in EC?

    1. Haha, thanks for being happy with me!
      My isiXhosa is not so good 😦 I am learning bit by bit but I have always found it to be really difficult! I have some books and tutorials though, and they seem to help a little.

    1. Yeah, our internship is two years long, and then we have a year of mandatory community service too. After that we can do whatever we want in terms of specialising or practising.

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