The Post-Call Walk of Shame

When I’ve had a really rough night on call, the only way I can get myself home in one piece is to play the music in my car really, REALLY loudly. I can get a bit raucous. Yesterday as I was driving home after one such call, P!nk’s Walk of Shame came on my shuffle.

You can see why I giggled like crazy:

One step, two steps,
Counting tiles on the floor

Anything to keep me from falling over my own two feet.

Three steps, four steps,
Guess this means that I’m a whore

For medicine, that is.

How long ’til I reach the door?
Fuck me,
My feet are sore

Because no matter how amazing your on-call shoes are; feet were not made to be busy 24+ hours.

I’m wearing last night’s dress and I look like a hot-ass mess
Although my hair looks good ’cause I haven’t slept yet!

That’s the part that had me nearly doubled with laughter.

Ah, yes.

The joys of working long calls.

6 thoughts on “The Post-Call Walk of Shame

  1. What a rough schedule! I always LOVE it when the radio or mp3 player is on and it just so happens to play what is basically The Soundtrack Of Your Life.

  2. I too wish to become a doctor, and your posts give me an insight to a doctor’s life. 🙂
    BTW, that pic of meredith and christina made my day! I love GA. 🙂

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