Seven Years! A Milestone of Sorts.

As I was falling asleep last night, I scrolled through my Facebook feed (bad sleep-hygiene, do as I say not as I do, etc etc). I clicked on that thing where you see your memories and this came up…


Seven whole years since I received a thick envelope in the mail with the good news: MEDICINE. Incidentally, yesterday exactly a year ago we found out about our internship placements (yeah, I wrote that post a little late).

I realised that I don’t feel sad when I think back on these things. I read through my journal of September-October 2008 and I thought fondly of the girl who agonised about her first HIV-test (the one that was strongly suggested in our admissions packet), and who worried that her university would be too conservative for her (it was a little conservative), and who honestly believed that she would find a cure to HIV.

And I realise that my journey in medicine was not at all what I expected, despite not knowing what to expect. I realise that it was a harrowing time period and that I often nearly gave up. I can think of a million things I could have done, could have enjoyed, could have been good at. Medicine was just one of many paths I could have taken.

But I don’t regret a thing. When I read back on eighteen-year-old-me’s discovery that she would be going to med school… I am excited for her.


  1. Nancy Ackelson says:

    Yes, I hope you are excited also for the present you as well! You are so obviously where you are meant to be. And I, for one, am most grateful for that! YAY for Mariechen!!!!!
    With love,

    1. barefootmegz says:

      Thank you, Nancy! I am excited! I try to remind myself how I will feel one day when I look back on my internship.

      1. Congrats! And trust me – you’ll romanticize internship like the Dickens once you’re through! All the best to you!

  2. etudesque says:

    In the little time I’ve known you, I’ve been impressed and inspired by your passion for medicine. I’m happy for you and excited about what the next 7 years will bring 🙂

  3. Cara says:

    I enjoy reading your posts and it’s good to see that studying medicine makes most of us doubt ourselves or want to quit but perseverance is something we all possess. Congratulations on the rest of your journey! You write really well btw and because of that I always thought you were a bit older…

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