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DOC-U-MENTALLY: I want to see this!

A short post-call post to ask you to watch (and share) this video by Intersection Studios. The plan is to produce a feature-length documentary of five doctors during a 30-hour call (normal for South African doctors).

The documentary will have a light atmosphere, posting the question: are South African doctors crazy for doing what they do?

I have my own ulterior motive: we have tried so hard to get regulating on our sides to protect us from working unsafe hours beyond our allotted 80 hours overtime, but to no avail. I wonder if this more “mainstream” approach mightn’t aid our plight.

Even if it does not, I think this film has the potential to be freaking awesome! Watch, enjoy, share: and join in the funding, if you can.

Crowdfunding for DOC-U-MENTALLY is hosted on Thundafund here.


6 thoughts on “DOC-U-MENTALLY: I want to see this!”

  1. Excellent video! I’m appalled at the hours Dr’s work in South Africa, it’s not healthy or beneficial to the Dr’s or their patients! R x

  2. in my country, the doctors usually have 36-hour call. i dont know how they do it, but for this year only we have had 2 fatal accidents involving post call doctors.

  3. I would really like to see the full documentary. Will it be posted online so that those of us who don’t live in SA can see it?

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