Books I Hope Santa Will Bring This Year

As is my tradition, I’m snubbing a Top Ten Tuesday topic and moving this one earlier, so I can give my loved ones long enough to catch my hints! For some reason I only have ten books on my list that I absolutely desperately want. Lucky family 😉

Also, I’ve linked to online South African retailers sooooo I’ve made it really easy for them! 😉

1. The World of PostSecret by Frank Warren

Because I love PostSecret and I’m a little sad that I still don’t have this one!


2. Human of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton

I’m not very original but I loooove HONY. I have the first book and I want this one so badly. Oh and also, I loooove New York City!


3. Cress by Marissa Meyer  cancelled 6/12/15: I kind of found this one at a fraction of the normal price so I couldn’t resist buying it for myself!

I adore Meyer’s books!


4. Winter by Marissa Meyer

See above! This one juuuust came out and even though I haven’t yet read Cress I still can’t wait to get Winter.


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  1. Angelized1st says:

    The Lunar Chronicles is such a great series! I hope you enjoy Cress. Happy holidays!

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