You guys! I ran a marathon!

In September 2015, after reading Tom Foreman’s My Year of Running Dangerously, I got it in my head to run the Two Ocean’s Marathon. For some reason I didn’t click that it was actually an ultra at 56km, and that I would need to run a qualifying marathon first. What can I say, sometimes I’m a little inattentive.

ANYWAY. Today I ran my qualifying marathon, the 43rd Buffs Marathon in East London (South Africa) – and my first marathon ever.

What an experience.

From my uterus deciding to attempt self-destruction three days ago, to having a serious case of tummy-butterflies yesterday and seriously considering over-sleeping by “accident”.

But along with my family, I was up at 04h00.

I ran the first ten kilometres with some club mates so that I wouldn’t exhaust myself too soon. After that, I just listened to my body. My running app was on silent because I didn’t want to freak myself out or push too hard.

It was good! The route took us through a lot of the really old areas of East London, places we really don’t see much of anymore, and some really gorgeous ocean views.

The wind was howling at 40km/h. A lot of the time it was a headwind, which was hard; but it did help to keep me cool.

What an amazing experience. I’m still on a high!

Now to keep training up… Two Oceans is in 34 days!

P.S: thank you to everyone that has supported me, especially during my moments of self-doubt!

8 thoughts on “You guys! I ran a marathon!

  1. I am training for my first marathon in May! I can identify with all of those butterflies because I have them. Still, I press on because I have to do this just one.I am a middle-distance runner extending to the longer distance. You got this!

  2. Look at YOU!!!!!! That is so awesome Mariechen – way to go!!!! I love that picture of you running and waving and smiling!!!!!! Ya, you did it!!!


  3. Congratulations in your first marathon! That’s quite an accomplishment. I’m still working my way up to a half (hopefully this summer). Good luck on your 56 km! Crazy!

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