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Preparing for the Next Step: 2017

The year has passed into its second half, and so I am nearing the beginning of my last rotation of internship. Nearly twenty months of working now, and I’m still a baby-doctor, but I’ve grown so much in confidence and skill.

After the two-year internship comes a year of mandatory community service as a medical officer. Because of a scholarship agreement I am contracted to work in the Western Cape (not an altogether bad thing) for the CosMO year, and four more beyond that.

A little something-something about my future place of residence 😛

So the application process has begun – with some difficulty. We are the first group to apply online and honestly, the initial coding was pretty atrocious. I hope we are over most of the hiccoughs by now.

We apply to five different places, of which we may rank the first three. Closing date is 8 August so I really need to submit my choices now! I keep delaying it, mostly because I’m not really sure of the choices or my order of preference.

Ultimately Community Service is just one year… but it can feel interminable if you get placed in a bad hospital!

I’m excited for this new stage in my life and career, but it’s daunting too. The chance of being one of the only doctors at a clinic is high during Community Service. I’ll move away from home again. I lived 1,000 km away from home during med school, but these two years with my family was lovely, and it will be tough setting up a little place of my own. No university-housing this time around!

Ah. No monotony here, I guess!

P.S: I’m working 80 hours this coming week in preparation for my holiday that’s coming up. Sheesh!


7 thoughts on “Preparing for the Next Step: 2017”

  1. My first thought was … Tygerberg!!!!! Good luck with your placement once you have figured out your preferences Mariechen. And good luck with your next week, stay safe and have a great holiday!!!

  2. Good luck with choosing. I’m going to start what is basically the UK’s version of an ‘internship’ very soon. I’m hoping by the end of the two years I would have gown in confidence and skill as well

  3. Hi Guys,

    I’m sorry for hijacking this post but I desperately need some neutral honest advice
    I just completed a Bcom degree at UCT but I really want to study medicine. REAAALLLY!! It’s all that I think about, even when I was doing my Bcom. Any tips or advise about going into medicine, especially after having studied before?

    Also, are there any scholarships or bursaries available out there?

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