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Not Waiting Anymore

A few months ago I did something on the spur of the moment. Something unlike me, something I was sure I’d regret.

I invited a colleague for a coffee/debriefing session after work.

I’m an introvert. Initiating a social event, even a small one, is unlike me.

I asked her because we bumped into each other at work, and had a quick chat about how downtrodden and hopeless we felt. (Internal Medicine is hard.)

I asked her, selfishly, because I needed it. But also because I realised that she needed it.

It’s a small thing. And maybe silly to make a big deal about it.

But in many ways, that day was the day I took agency of my life.

For so many years, I have waited for other women in medicine to make medicine a safe space for me. A space of mentorship, and care, and of reaching out to our colleagues.


I have waited and waited and been disappointed that it didn’t happen.

I’m not going to wait anymore.

I am not a little girl anymore.

I am not a student anymore.

I am still junior, but there are others more junior than me.

I, too, am a woman in medicine. I, too, can take responsibility for creating a safe space. I am able to do this.

I will do this.


7 thoughts on “Not Waiting Anymore”

  1. Hey I was wondering if we could communicate on a better social platform like Whatsapp . I’m beginning third year medicine at Wits and feel like there are some vital things I could learn from you .. My email is attached .

  2. Way to go. Law is even farther behind in its treatment and expectations of women at least in Canada and I really appreciate this post, your determination and candour. Hope you find connections that sustain you and your colleagues.

  3. Bravo Mariechen! It’s funny how you realize (and can be so surprised) that growth can still happen no matter what your age. I am still surprised when it happens and I keep thinking I already know that 🙂 So, live and learn is real! Good for you and keep going!!!!! I look forward to each of your posts: 1. To stay in touch, 2. To witness what you are learning, 3. Because of what you teach me. Thank you and thank you again! You are awesome.


  4. I can be quite introverted as well, but I’ve slowly come to realise that waiting and hoping for things to happen, often leaves me disappointed. Good for you, for making the move

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