Funemployment, or a holiday?

It’s a week now since I’ve finished Community Service.

I decided to take this week to organise my admin and recover from a long year. A holiday, if you will. Only, this time my holiday is unpaid leave. Oh, I do miss formal employment.


Taking a year to do locum shifts is not all bad. In fact, many of the senior doctors I know actually recommend it. It allows us to widen our net of experience, and also to experience different clinical settings, and interact with a wide variety of clinicians. It’s networking, basically.

There has also been the suggestion of taking a year to travel. Apparently people do that after Community Service!

I simply don’t have the means, though. When I ended my long term relationship in 2017, I didn’t even own a teaspoon. I had to buy everything: fridge, kettle, washing machine, cutlery… the list goes on. This practically depleted my savings. What I have left will carry me for a while, while I sort out my locum shifts and widen the job-search; but certainly not to travel. I have a lease, for crying out loud.

I’m trying to enjoy this time off, where I get to sleep late and actually have time to cook dinners. But it’s hard to enjoy time off when your anxiety is at a high due to the job search.

Nothing ground-breaking today. Just a life-update.


  1. Life With Leigh CT says:

    Update: last 6 months of upgrading matric spoke to a few people at Stellenbosch University, excited as my first 3 subjects were well over 50%. 😊

    1. barefootmegz says:

      Congratulations! Keep going!

  2. Jackie Majerus says:

    Classic. When you have time for travel, there’s no money. If you ever get any money, there’s no time. Sure would like you to come back and see us, though! xo

  3. Zed says:

    You’ll be ok, everything will turn out alright

  4. etudesque says:

    I was in a similar predicament two years ago where I had the time to travel, but was nervous about stretching every dollar in my budget! I did some weekend getaways to nearby cities, couchsurfed with friends to save on lodging, and actually had fun researching free activities in the area. Hope your unemployment becomes a true funemployment AND holiday!

  5. Robyn says:

    I love life updates! Job searches can be scary but try to let the potential for new and exciting opportunities fill you with inspiration instead of anxiety. I’m still trying to do this myself.

  6. ackeldatter says:

    Good for you Mariechen! Rest well!!!!


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