Finally had my “magical paeds moment”

Not the same child, photo with permission.

The little girl had come in hurt and bleeding. No too bad, a small gash that was easily approximated and taped (gosh, I love steri strips).

Next: the Tet tox.

She doesn’t know about it yet. For a moment I consider not telling her at all, but she is old enough to feel betrayed. So she sits on her dad’s lap, and we tell her about the special injection that will prevent her from getting sick. We may have used some imagination and invoked superheroes, too.

I braced myself for the struggle the moment the needle pierced her skin.

Nothing. Nada. She sat chewing her candy while I taped the injection site.

You know all those cute videos of doctors giving kids their shots without them noticing? I finally got mine, and that felt kind of special. Sometimes, you need just one small success to give you a bounce in your step.


  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats! I have to admit I dislike giving injections, but maybe it’s because I don’t talk about superheroes and imagination when I do it. xD

  2. rotamfortunae says:

    I don’t get to give shots as often as I’d like because our clinic has expert medical assistants who are often requested by the parents. Also, our clinic is too busy for me to give all my own shots, but I really wish I could do more so I could also give out the stickers. 😀

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