TTT: How to be a Great Blogger of Books

The blogosphere is weird. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but here I am another week. I had a blog once before, it didn’t work out too well. Then I moved to this blog, and it hasn’t exactly skyrocketed, but I enjoy it. This week, The Broke and the Bookish talks about tipsContinue reading “TTT: How to be a Great Blogger of Books”

TTT: Totally Deceiving Books

The saying goes that people will deceive you, but books never will. But sometimes, books do (whether in a good or a bad way). Today, The Broke and the Bookish talks about those situations where a book was not what you thought it would be. Sometimes this happens because you misread the blurp, or sometimes it’s justContinue reading “TTT: Totally Deceiving Books”

Book Review: The Garden of Evening Mists

A few months ago, an awesome thing happened: I was contacted by Myrmidon Books to participate in a Virtual Book Tour (my first time ever). Very exciting, and nice to get to read a book without buying it too (you were all thinking it, no lies). The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan EngContinue reading “Book Review: The Garden of Evening Mists”

TTT: Books to Read in a Day

When I was little(r), I used to pack a backpack full of books and cycle to our local library. I would replenish my stock and return the next day (or the next), having finished several books in a single day. Things are a little different now – we read thicker books, more complicated books, booksContinue reading “TTT: Books to Read in a Day”

Book Review: Steve Jobs

As a rule, I do not review non-medical books on this blog, unless it forms part of a Top Ten Tuesday. However, since my recent discovery of the myriad of book blogs, Goodreads and the ability to read while maintaining my schedule has led to me rather bravely attempting a bookish challenge, I have decidedContinue reading “Book Review: Steve Jobs”

Back to the Beginning

Remember how I wrote that a book inspired me to finally accepting placement at med school? Well, long before that, I had often said that if I were to study medicine, I would like to be an oncologist. I was a member of my school’s Interact club and spent a weekly afternoon with the kidsContinue reading “Back to the Beginning”

What’s That Book Wednesday

A meme I’ve been wanting for a while now, especially since I’ve joined The Broke and The Bookish with Top Ten Tuesdays. As a kid, I read a ton of books (and a lot of them relatively good reading material). But some of those were not well-known apparently. Do you know this book, it’s name,Continue reading “What’s That Book Wednesday”

Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With

It is Spring Madness in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems, and The Broke and the Bookish are looking for partners in crime. On my side of the globe it is getting cold. The days are still warmish, but the mornings are crisp and the evening bite. So, whether it’s class or hospital or meetings, I wouldContinue reading “Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With”

TTT: TBR for Crispy Autumn

Seasonal change makes me whimsical. In Cape Town, Summer left with a bang and a huge heatwave. Autumn has arrived with a bite in the air. The Broke and the Bookish and their friends today share books TBR this season. Things at school are getting scarier and busier. Reading is contributing to my sanity moreContinue reading “TTT: TBR for Crispy Autumn”