Book Review: A Life in Pieces

This past year, one of my modules was Psychiatry. Matters of psychiatry have the potential to scare me, having heard of patients who tried to harm my fellow students. My clinical psychiatry rotation will take place in my fifth year, and I am trying to build my knowledge and my confidence sufficiently so as toContinue reading “Book Review: A Life in Pieces”

Book Review: Disease

My favourite part about short respites from med school is being able to go to the library and get awesome books to read. I get bored easily (my biggest problem while studying), so I don’t hesitate when I find a medical book that looks half interesting. Disease┬áby Mary Dobson is one such book. It chroniclesContinue reading “Book Review: Disease”

My Fave Kiddie Reads

As mentioned before, my mom has largely been fuel to the fire of my passion for reading. She loves finding books that I will enjoy, and most often she is right. She was one of the people who contributed to me learning to read at such a young age; by teaching me to read theContinue reading “My Fave Kiddie Reads”

Review: 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa

Today is World AIDS Day. I have been threatening to write about the book that lead to me studying Medicine, and this appears to be the best day to do so. I was 18, in my final year of high school and set to study law the next year, scholarship in hand. My mum hasContinue reading “Review: 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa”

The Top 10 Books on my TBR List

The awesome thing about FreshlyPressed is that it tends to lead me to some pretty awesome blogs, like The Broke and the Bookish (run by college students, how cool is that). The original topic is “for winter” but clearly it is not winter here right now. I am assuming that TBR means “To Be Read”.Continue reading “The Top 10 Books on my TBR List”