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“I’ve read many more books than you.”

What a first sentence! I liked Madeline immediately. She obviously liked books, and she’s mouthy. She has a tumblr and she reviews her books. Books remain an integral part of the whole story! Booknerd alert: I basically love her. Sometimes she re-reads her favourite books from back to front, and she writes things in the front of her books, like this:

Jonas Salk, A Life | Thinking About Biographies

Are biographies supposed to build up the heroes in our eyes? Or reveal them as the flawed humans they are? Or, are they supposed to give us the facts and nothing else? (If that’s the case, then some of my favourite biographies are interminably flawed.) Nobody wants to read a biased biography, but there were times that I felt as though the author was another intellectual who would never give Salk the acceptance he craved.

A Sequel That Isn’t A Sequel | Another Day

But you should know right off the bat that Another Day won’t tell you what happens to A after Every Day. In fact, Levithan is pretty insistent that Another Day is NOT a sequel, but instead a “companion novel.” The same events occur in this book than in the first; except from Rihannon’s point of view. I can totally see this novel being combined with the first, back to back, and readers will have to decide which to read first (because you can absolutely read them in whichever order).

Top Ten Diverse Books

It’s kind of sad how few books are truly diverse. When I was going through my books, I noticed that although a lot of books had diverse characters, many of them were fairly flat and seemed to be little more than tokens. I mean, it’s kind of like movies having the token female scientist and then thinking they’re sorted for diversity. Uhm, no. Not that this is at all a groundbreaking realisation, so moving on to the books:

Top Ten Recently Acquired Books

The thing I hated most when I started book blogging was seeing “book hauls” on people’s blogs. Mostly because I was a little jealous… as a South African I do not get access to many ARCs at ALL, and as a student I could hardly ever afford to purchase new books. Anyway, I haven’t braggedContinue reading “Top Ten Recently Acquired Books”

Top Ten Reads of 2015 So Far

Hurrah for a Top Ten Tuesday – and one where I’m not working, to boot. I had no idea what to expect of my reading this year. On the one hand: no more formal studying! On the other hand: real-life doctoring with long calls and boring admin. But it has gone well – in fact,Continue reading “Top Ten Reads of 2015 So Far”

A Lighter Take on Mental Health | Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

If you’re a regular here, you know how much I care about mental health, not just in the medical sense (although I do LOVE psychiatry!) but also in terms of the way it is presented in popular culture. Including books. Books count as popular culture, right?! I must admit that before Finding Audrey I hadContinue reading “A Lighter Take on Mental Health | Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella”