College, Dorms and Culture

It’s that time of the year… I refer to it as the month our campus has its period. Elections and competitions abound, while exams are around the corner (Southern hemisphere, remember). My favourite part of this month – perhaps my favourite of the entire year – is “Sêr”. Sêr comes from “serenade”, and is basically aContinue reading “College, Dorms and Culture”

Pouring My Heart Out: Med Student, Y U no do holiday job?

My three-week Winter Recess is coming rapidly to an end. Note that this is the first time I’ve been home, or had any kind of holiday since 6 January this year. A few days ago, somebody asked my parents why I’m not doing a holiday job.

Brain Space?

On a bit of a tangent, you know when people say that humans only utilise 10% of their brains, and Einstein used more, and we can reach so much more if only we tried? Well most of it (except for the last part) is hogwash. We use all of our brains, to different extents, butContinue reading “Brain Space?”

Rant: Security in South African Hospitals

So now that it’s reached the media, I can write about an unfortunate incident without the threat of being considered a traitor. One of our students was assaulted in the hospital on Saturday morning. A lot of “”big people” are trying to call it “attempted assault”. I say nonsense.

Pets in Dorms?

It’s tough leaving home, especially when home and college are far from each other. Despite the prolonged desire for independence, family life is one of the things (along with home-cooked meals) that are missed from an early point. In my case, I seek things that will evoke a semblance of home-life. And one of theseContinue reading “Pets in Dorms?”

Barefoot’s Tips for Prospective Freshmen

Since it’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve been reading a lot of kids’ posts about college. It’s an exciting time, but obviously with some trepidation. I remember how nervous I was. So because I am procrastinating studying have nothing better to do, I’ll be sharing some tips for dorm life – or as we sayContinue reading “Barefoot’s Tips for Prospective Freshmen”

Teaching People To Walk Better

This past week, Stellenbosch University has been celebrating the successes of the Hope Project (about which I have written before). In two years, the SU has made leaps and bounds of improvements in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, agriculture and science. For more on all that, you can check out these two sites orContinue reading “Teaching People To Walk Better”

Easter Away from Home

My family is big into family-stuff. I can’t say I have always been appreciative of that (I am often a grumpy, anti-establishment child), but I love my family. And there is nothing I love more than spending family-time with my family. Easter is such a family-holiday. And this year is the first time that IContinue reading “Easter Away from Home”

What Would You Have Been?

Last week, the fifth years had their last ever day of class. For the next eighteen months, until they graduate, they will only be doing clinical rotations. It is a longstanding tradition here for fifth years to dress up on their last day of class and ambush all the other classes. The general theme isContinue reading “What Would You Have Been?”

Weekly Whine: Med School Comptetition

If you look around this blog, you’ll notice that I consider myself to be an average medical student (when it comes to academics, in anyway). Clearly, that wasn’t always the case. To gain entrance to this course, students must have exceptional academic and non-academic merit.